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At over £2k it is of course a rather pricey 'basic' piece, but of course being an ambassador for the brand means you likely get rather a lot of free clothing. Kristen stuck to her grungy style mantra on the magazine cover with messy hair and dressed all in black and it certainly suits her.The dress is partially see-through though meaning you can see Kristen's lingerie beneath so it did have a certain sex appeal to it too!), head below for alternatives for a whole lot less.

She was nominated again for a Young Artist Award for her performance.

Stewart's first starring role was at age 14 in the children's action-comedy Catch That Kid (2004), opposite Max Thieriot and Corbin Bleu.

Stewart creates a convincing character full of pain and turmoil." Stewart appeared in the fantasy-adventure film Zathura (2005), playing the role of Lisa, the irresponsible older sister of two little boys.

During their playing a board game, they turn their house into a spacecraft hurtling uncontrollably in outer space.

Stewart appeared as teenager Lucy Hardwicke in In the Land of Women (2007), a romantic drama starring Meg Ryan and Adam Brody.

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    There have been several cases where teens have sent photos over these applications, expecting them to disappear or be seen by the recipient only, yet are saved and distributed, carrying social and legal implications.

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    Her parents divorced when she was two months old, and she spent weekends and summers with her father, a psychiatrist, and a houseful of half-siblings.

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    Such outbursts also train the partners to become gradually habituated to acts of violence. They also engage in long-term relationships, however, to gain more lasting control over certain more promising targets.

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