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what type countertops for updating kitchen-86

I couldn't handle the smell so I opened the windows and a few bits of dust and junk made their way onto the surface of my countertop but I was alright with it, as our painted laminate is only temporary. After the countertop is completely dry, lightly sand the laminate. All you're really trying to do at this point is sand the glossy finish off so that your paint can have something to stick to. Throughly clean the countertops, making sure to wipe up any leftover dust and debris.

Be sure to get in the corners and on the top ledge of the back of the counter —any left behind dust can keep the paint from sticking to the countertop.

), but there are many other options available that give various faux finishes.

I've seen some impressive faux marbling projects, and some not-so-impressive projects—it really all depends on your skill level.

A removable wallpaper backing in a colorful pattern can also make plain white dishes pop.

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