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Well, of course you'll survive since everything in this kiddie wonderland is padded, and actually, I think it's a lot of fun to get jostled around in a foam ball pit ...She spent years fighting off bullies and fending of attackers, but the day she took her first kickboxing class, she was hooked.Ice princess is in a dilemma because they always shower her with flowers, candies and love letters. Our miraculous little hero needs a warm bath before she can go out into the world and fight bad guys, so get ready for an adventurous daycare!

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Wydowna Spider is a gorgeous eight armed beauty who loves fashion and always finds creative ways to wear cobweb covered accessories and attire.

This fashionista is just a normal Monster High Schoo...

This Monster High fashionista is taking a break from her daily beauty routine so that she can dress up as her crime-fighting alter-ego, Cat Tastrophe. Barbie has accepted another bachelorette challenge, and this one is going to be no picnic.

With something for everyone, Barbie is going to need your help in getting her strategy because she's not ...

Warrior Princess has been injured during a fight and she needs to find a doctor quickly.