Giulietta cam

We are currently restoring: Ferrari 330 GTC (second this year), Moretti 2300S Convertible, Alfa Giulietta Spider, Alfa Giulietta SS, Fiat Dino Spider, Fiat Jolly, Alfa 2600 Spider (we've got 2 in at the minute!), Fiat Otto Vu Vignale Spider (colour now selected) and also have in our workshop for major works: Alfa Giulietta SVZ, Abarth Simca 2000, Alfa Montreal and more besides.

We are also nearly at the build stage for the first of our two Ferrari 330 GTC's. We've just completed a very involved restoration of a lovely Fiat Dino Spider which has taken some 1700 hours to finish.

Not as it seemed, this car was bought in the US from a prolific source of project cars and was once again far worse than it at first appeared.

The other picture is of a Michelotti designed and Vignale bodied Fiat of the early 60's - never seen one before and whilst the front end was reminiscent of a 250 PF coupe, the rear was sadly more Ford Corsair.

Our workshop is as busy as ever, with the other 600 Jolly restoration progressing well and our Moretti Convertible nearly on it's own wheels for the first time in 5 years.

Anyway, two favourites of ours were (perhaps controversially) the new 124 Abarth 'works' edition, with and 1800cc engine and 300 BHP, it would make an interesting road car - we'd like to see what could be done here.