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I noticed yesterday after manual live update and full scan the date next to projection update was showing yesterday I uninstalled and reinstall and then it showed current.

Mine is showing current now and will remain current until the subscription status goes down by 1 number. Hello Floplot Thanks for the answer, I am not sure I am following what you have written protection updates, yesterday showed , uninstalled and reinstalled then showed current again today software showed uninstalled and reinstalled now shows protection updates :current Are you saying that it will shows yesterday's date until some antivirus definition update, and there is no issue for me to worry about (is this part of cloud) Hopefully you can follow what I have written Tony Hello Tony You have nothing to worry about.

Protection updates refer to antivirus updates and they result in having an automatic quick virus scan..

bjm_ I am somewhat confused about your comment "there is a small resident data base for offline scanning." Does this mean that when I run a scan while offline that it is a lesser scan than a scan run while online because it is using a "small resident data base" when scanning while offline?

Does this also mean that I am using bandwidth if I run a scan while connected to the internet?

Among these are fast classification using sample clustering, automated generic definitions, real-time cloud lookup of all scanned files, and a new behavioral signature engine. I will try the economy setting under cost awareness and try to discover the amount of bandwidth that saves, and making an analysis of the trade off between that savings and the level of security that results.