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They included contextual prohibitions, she said; “Professors can’t have sex with graduate students if they are teaching or supervising or evaluating them in some way. It just made sense.” “Nobody said, ‘You’re treating me like a child, trampling on my civil rights, I’ll have sex with whomever I please.’ That would be the only argument against it – that it’s paternalistic,” Johnson said.

Graduate students can’t have sex with undergraduates if they are teaching them or grading them in some way. “I like to think of it not as telling students who they may not have sex with,” she added, “but telling faculty who they may not have sex with.” A student anti-sexual-assault advocacy group, Our Harvard Can Do Better, responded with a statement that the ban is “a crucial indictment of unacceptable unequal-status relationships that have the potential to endanger students.

The rule about professors and undergrads is the only blanket ban.

The new policy doesn’t ban sexual and romantic relationships between all people who teach and all people who are students.

Scores of universities are under scrutiny from the federal government for its handling of sexual assault cases, as the Obama administration uses Title IX legislation, which bars discrimination based on gender, to pressure colleges on the issue.

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