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‘When he told us that the doctors had no cure for his illness, it was such a confusing time for me. Kim had already beaten Venus Williams in the fourth round, but Serena was the defending champion and, through wild weather disrupting the programme, Kim had not played for four days.

I was carrying a new life inside me and I was also being confronted with death. He was given just three months to live, but he was determined to stay alive as long as he could to see his first grandchild. That was plenty of time for the match to play on her mind.

In her time away from the sport – almost two and a half years – she had married her American boyfriend, Brian Lynch, a basketball player, and given birth to Jada.

But her happiness was brutally tempered when, at the beginning of last year, it was discovered that her father (who had split from Kim’s mother in 2005) had terminal cancer.

‘I was so focused on the match, I had no idea what had happened,’ says Kim, clearly the better player on the night.