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This option also does not generate filtered statistics.It applies strictly to single-column statistics for the full table.The asynchronous statistics update option, AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS_ASYNC, determines whether the Query Optimizer uses synchronous or asynchronous statistics updates.

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If you do not update the statistics after completing the operation, using synchronous statistics will ensure statistics are up-to-date before executing queries on the changed data.

Consider using asynchronous statistics to achieve more predictable query response times for the following scenarios: When ON, the statistics created are per partition statistics.

The AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS_ASYNC option applies to statistics objects created for indexes, single columns in query predicates, and statistics created with the CREATE STATISTICS statement.

Statistics updates can be either synchronous (the default) or asynchronous.

When OFF, the statistics tree is dropped and SQL Server re-computes the statistics. This setting overrides the database level INCREMENTAL property.