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“Be who you've always been, just be this as well.” – Dogma, 1999 One of the most common sayings in the dating world is, “Nice guys finish last.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. For example, Bethenny and Dorinda go furniture shopping and Bethenny announces she has purchased another apartment that is nearly twice the size of the one she has now. Dorinda is doing some minor renovations on her place now that he daughter is moving out. They talk about Ramona briefly and Bethenny seems unwilling to even deal with Ramona.

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Although most of my blog entries will be geared towards advice for men, I hope that my postings will also provide great insight for women into how men think.

At times I may come across as patronizing, at times you’ll laugh incredulously at my advice, and at times you’ll vehemently disagree.

I am a guest writer for Love Kudos and will be bringing a male perspective to this blog.

Through twists and turns, good fortune and bad, I’ve learned which traditional dating rules can be bent and which can be broken.

But the real story, and I think the Berkshires goes for two episodes is how drunk and obnoxious Sonja and Ramona get.