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In the meantime having to have sex with condoms probably dilutes all the fun for you. Act like a "bad boy" at least a few times a month in public. Women all claim they want someone to treat them good and that they want a nice guy. Women HATE nice guys and will run from you if you are "too nice".I'm jus' sayin...'I read this book and it has some OK insights to basic interactions with people but it was not earth shatteringly revealing. It's been a few years since I read this book and I am much better at relating to people than i used to be, but not because of this book. It sounds good in their head but when they see it they equate it with weakness whereas they equate bad boy with strength.In all honesty, if a similar book was written by a regular or nerdy looking dude it is quite possible that his experience (and - most importantly - conclusions) could have been totally different.

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Not very many regular guys can actually relate to that.

Strengths: what I really liked about the book is its honesty and that it is filled with appreciation for women.

Of course the rest of the White Urban American country doesn't want that kind of sex for the most part.

I live in Houston, TX which has been rated the rock bottom city for white males to date.

Of course if I had been allowed to go to Austin, TX I probably wouldn't have this problem.

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    John and his wife, Dena, reside in Colorado Springs, Colo., and have six children. He describes how God changed his heart toward Muslims, leading him to plant a church that shares God's love with them as well as veterans.

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    Sometimes I wish the mother ship would land and take me home. That works wonders at reestablishing contact with people. I was long stocks, I was going through a divorce, things were at their worst for me. I would go to a museum and hang out in the bookstore/café and read books about artists. It was fun and again had my brain going in a different direction. In 2008, I described another situation where I reached out of myself and made contact with people by pretending to be a psychic. But sometimes pretending to be something you aren’t can bring up to the surface a part of yourself you didn’t know existed.

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    Then they broke up and before we could process the split, she was riding on the back of Tom Cruise’s manly man motorcycle and getting jiggy with Xenu.