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This is one I made with pics I took from there: I loved Tunis. It's the nicest city I've been to in Africa so far.I can't imagine I'll find a nicer one except for some places in South Africa/Namibia probably.

Pretty funny that it seems only the northernmost and southernmost country on the continent is where that's true. The neighborhood I stayed in resembled the nicer areas of Los Angeles (i.e. It was funny because I visited right after the revolution deposed the longtime ruler (protests were still ongoing).

As for the chicks, I didn't get to leave Tunis to find the more open ones in the college towns. I asked them many times about scoring Tunisian women and they say it's not too hard, just takes time, but in Tunis it didn't seem easy. Because of that, there had been a spike of home break-ins in Carthage.

I went out with some locals to Le Plug in La Marsa, Carpe Diem and also to La boeuf un tois, the girls there are very liberal. The company i worked at mainly employed local girls, literally i felt like a king.

If any forum members need any other info let me know as I stay in touch with Tunisia regularly. I've been fantasizing about North Africa for the past few days, mainly Morocco and Tunisia. The girls are incredibly flirtatious and dress to impress (Thats just at work).

Scotian - It's not an SNL culture but you can find open-minded chicks via social circle, particularly the upper classes. The other guy I know is a Black American Muslim who married a gorgeous Tunisian woman (met her pipelining). I wouldn't go there to score French chicks, but if you want to find tourist bitches, go to Sousse. Most other places it's very common to see chicks covered up.