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She faced an allegation of unacceptable professional conduct after being accused of five separate incidents of speaking inappropriately to students about colleagues and other pupils, She also faced nine counts of speaking inappropriately to students about her private life, and a further two of behaving inappropriately in the classroom.The inappropriate behaviour charges related to an incident where she deliberately ran through a classroom into a wall before falling to the floor in front of startled students.

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The hearing heard how Miss Brown openly discussed losing her virginity, taking drugs, her partner's affair with another woman and how she would 'burn in hell' because she didn't believe in the Bible.

She also told a group of GCSE students to think about how many girls their age had had sex.

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A teacher who referred to a group of pupils as 'slags', told them she burnt her nipple while cooking naked and explicitly discussed her sex life, has been struck off the teaching register for two years.