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But while Galliford’s allegations of harassment reached as far as the House of Commons this week, one of her most explosive claims is only now being made public.Galliford says the rampant sexism within the ranks of the RCMP that ruined her health and career may also have contributed to the mismanagement of the Pickton murder investigation, at a cost of many lives.- overcoming depression and anxiety- relationships and sexuality- reducing the effects of trauma- controlling addictions and compulsions- building self-esteem- coping with loss- getting "unstuck" in life- stress management uses a large variety of treatment approaches depending on your particular issue or goal.

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Galliford said she expects to testify in the new year at the ongoing inquiry in Vancouver into the ineffectual investigations by the RCMP and Vancouver police into the murders.

“When I testify at the missing women’s [inquiry] it’s going to be on behalf of the [dead] women’s families,” she told .

Investigators eventually found the DNA of 33 women on the farm.