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He started his career from 1988 when he was only seven years old.

He made his debut in the movies from “Back to the Future Part II” in 1989.

‘I was always taking care of other people, thinking about their feelings and not my own. ‘When you unpack it and you recognise that he battled with addiction for the vast majority of his life, there had to be darkness, but I never saw a stitch of it.

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I wonder if it can be just this physical slightness that has allowed him to dodge the slings and arrows of Hollywood fortune: the damaging repercussions of a decade of child stardom and the potential career-killing effects of the mania surrounding trilogy that forever crystallised him as the load-bearing saviour Frodo in the minds of the media, public and casting directors alike. So when we sit down to talk about his new film, I start testing him, jabbing at him like a school bully, though I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to find. They’ll be like, “Frodo is doing a horror movie.” That’s annoying. But , in which he was burdened with the task of carrying the whole trilogy, which swallowed up four formative years — from 18 to 21 — of his life. It was more of a family reunion.’ The same logic applies to the Air New Zealand safety video he shot recently in which he is dwarfed in a giant-scale plane seat. Someone suggested therapy and I thought, “I actually think I need this.” I was an adult from a young age, I had to deal with so much familial responsibility. I missed out on certain things, but if anything that shaped me. He lives between California’s Venice Beach and Austin, Texas, avoids the paparazzi’s prime hunting areas in Los Angeles, doesn’t party at clubs and tends to only retweet on Twitter. I don’t roll in the scene at all.’ Of Hollywood he says: ‘It can be a very dark place, but it can also be wonderful.

All of this, Wood has endured good-naturedly and politely. Despite a morning of 12 television interviews back-to-back at the Corinthia Hotel, he is still opening doors for waiters, thanking everyone and pronouncing that everything is ‘wonderful’ or ‘delightful’. Next came a decade of de-Frodification, in which Wood progressively ruptured the confines of family-friendly, big-budget fantasy, with smaller indie roles: the nerdy pervert lab technician in a bizarre BBC Three comedy in which he played a suicidal loser ‘saved’ by his friendship with his neighbour’s dog who manifests to him as a bong-smoking Australian. By the time I really needed friends my own age, I had them.’ He lights another cigarette. At its best it’s an opportunity to create great art. At its worst it can destroy and bring out the worst in people.’ Our conversation turns to Robin Williams, with whom Wood worked side by side when voicing ‘The death of Robin really shocked me.’ His eyes look like giant blue marbles for a second.

Right in the middle of interviewing Elijah Wood — reportedly one of the most charming and well-adjusted actors in Hollywood — I realise that I’m giving him an incredibly hard time. ‘The one who understood everyone’s perspective, for better or for worse.’ At four, on his mother’s suggestion, he began modelling in local shopping malls and at the age of eight, she took him to Los Angeles to a Hollywood talent scout convention where he was cast in Paula Abdul’s video ‘Forever Your Girl’, directed by David Fincher. I ask how Frodo went down with the ladies: ‘Well, I think. I didn’t get as much love as, like, an Elf perhaps, or a Gondorian.

In his screen performances, Wood has a Christ-like quality, his cornflower-blue eyes able to transmit at once anguish, stoicism and vulnerability; off screen, he has been referred to as a ‘source of genuine goodness’. A small role in the story of two dysfunctional families and the effect of their infidelities on their children. But I did OK.’ The length and insular nature of the shoot allowed him to make the deep personal connections that he felt he’d missed out on as a child — he recounts tales of surfing and road trips with his co-stars Orlando Bloom, Dominic Monaghan and Viggo Mortensen.

In 1990, he appeared in “Child in the Night” as Luke, which got him nominated for Young Artist Award.

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