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You don’t have to answer any questions, or connect with someone who lives across the country; you’re matched with women who mostly work or live near you and frequent a lot of the same restaurants, bars, gym, etc. Don’t be that creepy guy lurking on street corners, though.

Be that guy who missed his initial chance to chat up a girl at a coffee shop, but didn’t miss his second.

Once you “Score” with someone, your profile picture will be unlocked; the more you score, the more your profile will open up to your pursuer.

But let’s backtrack: To score, you can choose a specific category and start answering questions with someone whose profile you scrolled through.

Bumble Bumble is like Tinder—only it’s designed to navigate around the common harassment-like annoyances from men and silence from women that plague the popular dating app.

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    This app lets you meet local and international users in which you are interested. Photoblog where you can post photos of special moments and that will be shared globally.