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I like to accept everyone for who they are so it is always possible for anything to happen. The first time I crossdressed in front of my SO was the end of the relationship; while she originally said she would 'tolerate' it, when she actually had to face it she couldn't do it. It wasn't even my idea; she just told me that if I felt comfortable that way, I should just wear what I wanted to wear. Just because a guy dresses up doesn;t make him gay. They just like the way it looks/feels to be dressed like the opposite sex.

If my child wanted to become a cross dresser, again I would support them. I prefer to "dress" as a centurion, gladiator, vagabond or, my fave, Adam in the Garden of Edem and play "find the apple" with an Eve. I foolishly took her up on it, which turned out to be a big mistake. Please explain, inquiring minds want to know just WTF are you? To suggest a man is gay just because he likes the feel of a woman's panties is an absurd double-standard.

Ive not been in that situation but I would hope that I would be supportive.

I dont think I would actually fall for someone who was a cross dresser when i met them, but again you never know. Cross dressing has absolutely nothing to do with sexual preference to some people.

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