Rules for dating my teenage daughter joke

Just a ' Is anything bothering you, because I'm here to help? Don't hesitate to ask—girls don't always like to be the ones to bring up stuff first.

I know some of my friends' mothers harass them and make it a big deal that they refuse to talk.

But when they do that, girls tend to think that whatever they tell them will become a big deal, as well." — Emma, age 18 Next: Create a no-judgment zone Shame and blame seem to be the most surefire ways to kill any incentive for your daughters to talk openly with you.

But if you can create a no-judgment zone where they feel safe enough to tell the truth, and where they know you'll love and accept them no matter what they share, the girls all agree they are far more likely to open up.

), let's help you figure out how to make that communication flow happen.