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After only three more unremarkable films, Jane Powell's movie career came to an abrupt halt in 1958.

At age 29, Jane had become one of the casualties of the musical's decline. The irrepressible Jane would move from triumph to triumph in nightclubs, touring shows, television, and Broadway.

She soon became a regular on the program and performed Hit Parade tunes like "On The Good Ship Lollipop" popularized by Shirley Temple, of course. Burce that Suzanne belonged in Oakland, California. The dance lessons were conducted in an enormous, dark and cavernous ballroom filled with many other young hopefuls and their mothers.

There he would give the girl dance lessons (not for free) to prepare her for a movie career. After about three months, the talent scout disappeared and the Burces ran out of money. Burce found he could not get his job back at Wonder Bread.

In her autobiography, "The Girl Next Door And How She Grew," Jane revealed that as a child she often dreamed of her mother trying to suffocate her with a pillow.