Blackberry outlook contacts not updating

blackberry outlook contacts not updating-28

[Windows users – notice how much easier this whole process was on an Apple 🙂 perhaps it’s time to switch!

Just kidding, lets not turn the comments section into an Apple vs PC bash.

[Note – if you use Mobile Me to PUSH all your contacts from your computer to Mobile Me and then PUSH them down to your i Phone it will still work just have some patience and check your phone after 10 minutes] If, for neatness, you want to have the 2000 z-contacts in their own folder simply click the plus at the bottom of the group pane: then give the group a name: and now click on the Last Import folder, in the middle Name pane click on the first z0001 and then press Apple A to select all the entries and then drag them onto the new group you just created.

You can now jump past the lengthy Windows Instructions to read what to do next..

I spent most of my time on an XP machine at work and manage my entire office’s Windows workstations and just use Apple in my free time] Ok so if all went well above you should now have 2000 contacts at the very end of your i Phone contact list, all of which should have the same phone number.

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