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Hekate became an aspect of the moon Goddess, Diana Triformus: Diana (the Full moon, associated with Earth), Proserpina (the lunar phases, associated with Heaven), and Hekate (the New moon, associated with the Underworld.) As the power of the Solar Gods rose, Hekate became increasingly demonized, until by the Middle Ages She was reduced to a parody of an evil crone.

In pre-dynastic Egypt the matriarch and wise woman of the tribe was called the ‘heq’.

It’s interesting to note that Hekate is associated with childbirth. ‘She who works Her will’ is the most commonly accepted, but ‘the far-off one’ or ‘far-darting one’ are also suggested. An alternative derivation, ‘most shining one’, is born out in representations of Hekate from the forth century BCE which show a young goddess of both beauty & power, carrying a torch & wearing a headdress of stars.

‘Hekate’ is the female equivalent of ‘Hekatos’, an obscure epithet of Apollo, with whom She is sometimes associated.

The Olympians ‘adopted’ Her after they had defeated the Titans, but She was not of the same kind, & never lived amongst them.

Hekate probably originated in the mythology of the Karians in southwest Asia Minor, and was integrated into Greek religion around the sixth century BCE.

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