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Grover tuners are easily recognized by their small kidney shaped tuner keys and obviously the Grover logo on the back of the tuner.

The mounting (set) screw position for the Grover tuner is perpendicular to the bottom (base) of the tuner similar to the crown head guitars, these tuners are similar to those used on banjos hence its name.

All Charvels after that time would be fitted with this style of tuner unless the customer specified otherwise.

By far the most commonly used tuner on Charvel guitars, I estimate some 95% of all Charvels manufactured are equipped with this style of tuner.

Identical to the black non-logo'd Gotohs, these gold plated versions are far much less common but are sometimes found on Charvels throughout the serialized production era.

Note that this style of tuner did NOT use a mounting screw, but rather a positioning pin which required a 1/8" hole just above the hole for the tuner shaft on the back of the headstock.

The gear housing was octagonal in shape, as was the tuner shaft itself.

More interestingly, is that all the reverse headstock necks that I have seen, all have black Grover tuners.