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I would like to say this was unique, but I've gotten on the net with dozens of people who were in "anomyous" programs and it's not..have pseudo-cult like behavior and will attack anyone who leaves or disagrees.... It's not that the program is "too honest..." it's that it's dammed depressing to sit in a room and hear the same stories every week...(the ones you heard, they'll re-tell them next week...

Don't get into a relationship with this guy unless you are absolutly certain you can remain true to yourself no matter what. Never ever let him blame you for a slip or relaspe. no one ever has more inspiration :p ) If he leaves, and stays clean, please don't push it!

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Notice if you are being treated well and having fun.

Notice if you feel respect for him or her and if you share similar values. Despite what all the songs tell us – there really are many people out there who could be THE ONE for each one of us.

I'm just not sure what to expect with anything, and how I can help.

I want to be, and am 110% supportive, but I just don't know...

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