Current recordset does not support updating asp

Here's an example: Additionally, it seems that odbc_close() doesn't truely close the connection (at least not using Network SQL Anywhere 8).

current recordset does not support updating asp-83

However, it seems that once connected, your odbc session is limited to 30 seconds of active time, after which, the connection becomes stale, and no further queries can be executed.

Instead, it returns a generic "Authentication violation" error from the odbc driver.

Another user is using it exclusively, or you dont have permission to use it).

After going nuts for a while, I realized that my database name had a space in it (course surveys.mdb), I shortened the name to eliminate the space .. Two additional notes regarding ODBC connections to a Network Sybase SQL Anywhere 8 Server..

And this is for ANY application, name it PHP, Coldfusion, whatever2.