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After Indian independence in 1947, the Pudukkottai Princely State was amalgamated with the Indian Union on April 3, 1948 and became a division in Tiruchirappalli district.

The long history of the Thondaimans' rule came to an end.

Montfort has produced numerous personalities in all walks of life. 'Virtus et Labor' Once more unite our youthful voices, Amidst our halls the strain to raise, With rapid swell the heart rejoices, When virtue is the theme of praise.

We follow those who have trodden uprightly, As well in sunshine as in rain, Old boys and new, we do fashion so tightly, Enduring links of one long chain. There’s naught can dismay, When God from on high sheds His light on our way, Virtue and Labour with Heaven for our guide, The Blue and the Gold shall be known far and wide, The Blue and the Gold shall be ever our pride.

Pudukkotai finally came under formal British protection.