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#obvious (NT) -- Catherine Cates - NYC, 11/05/17 Sun Agree.Miss Earth has become the worst pageant ever, it's obviously rigged.(NT) -- Hawt Plus Seksi, 11/04/17 Sat Thats a good point but back then there were less countries competing in pageants as there are today (33 in 1954, 30 in 1956, 43 in 1960 and 56 in 1967, as opposed to 85 in 2008, 84 in 2014, 86 in 2015 and 85 in 2017).

It's almost laughable that someone with her face won an international pageant.

(NT) -- not impressed at all, 11/04/17 Sat None other than. The production is great and the contestants are of a great caliber, but the JUDGING is VERY suspect.

I can think of about 10 recent Miss USAs that she's prettier than including some of the favorites.

(NT) -- people are such haters, 11/08/17 Wed Personally, I have nothing against Miss Earth, but I have not watched the full show since 2004 or 2005.

And Russia twirling and posing at the end of the swimsuit competition was just too much.