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As a former Chicago resident, she frequently reported on issues related to Chicago politics.

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She said there were many signals of domestic abuse that she realized at the time, but did not do anything to intervene, and she also partly blames herself for the loss of her sister.

Hall credited her personal experience with domestic violence for the drive to host Deadline: Crime.

However, as of this writing, that person has not been brought to justice.

During an interview at the Television Critics Association, Hall described the awful day when she received the call that her sister was found dead face down in her pool.

Hall then joined David Shuster as co-host of a two-hour program, The Big Picture, which premiered June 1, 2009, and concluded January 29, 2010. News Nation has covered many important American events including a live television broadcast from Ground Zero in New York City after the death of Osama Bin Laden was declared.