herpes internet dating - Colorado state law on dating minors

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The rules are now being tightened following initial public feedback.

Some consumers have wondered if service providers are over-collecting their data by scanning their NRIC barcode for all sorts of things, from lucky draws to membership account management.

The commission said that NRIC details should be collected only where the law requires it, such as when one subscribes to a mobile phone line. Oh, 44, said supermarket Fair Price scanned his NRIC barcode when he used the NS50 vouchers to pay for goods.

There are also occasions when it is necessary to verify someone's identity "to a high degree of fidelity" - such as during emergencies, when medical workers need to ascertain blood types or allergies, or for entry into secured medical facilities. "Can't Fair Price check my NRIC name against the name on the voucher? A Fair Price spokesman said its practices comply with current rules, but the supermarket "will continue to work with the relevant authorities to ensure that all the new regulations are adhered to".

Negotiations are also ongoing to provide an effective, efficient and transparent process for dispute settlement.