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"I knew what a big deal the project was and the talent that was involved. I didn’t want to be the big muscle-head on the set messing up all the time," Batista admitted."But the script was so good; I loved the character and was very excited about the opportunity to play the range of emotions. He’s a warrior but he's dealing with a lot of pain. He's living solely for revenge and as a result has lost his connection with everything else," he said.

This couple had moreover shared their marriage ceremony ceremony footage on their social media accounts.

Their wedding ceremony ceremony ceremony had been taken place at some exterior location.

"I just can’t imagine anyone else doing the role but Dave Bautista; he is exactly what I imagined as Drax," the film's director James Gunn said in a statement.

"He is able to do the emotional aspects of that character, the humorous aspects of that character, the physical aspects of that character and talk like a Shakespearean oddball.

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