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*Umm Reem describes her attempt at exorcism and the conversations that occurred during this experience.

Please note that this questions of fiqhi nature may not be addressed, as this was not intended to be a course on the methodology of exorcism.

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To be quite honest, that is the only defense we have against them but it is the fortification if we read with certainty and belief. Make sure you recite Qur’an, and if you cannot (for some reasonable reason) then have it recited in your house everyday.

Read your among men and jinn, protect our spouses, children, families and all the Muslims around the world.

Let me also state a few things that I had previously learned about jinns, mainly from Bilal Philip’s book and from Sh.

Yasir’s Aqeedah class, and were confirmed by talking to Seeta: She mentioned that if she leaves that girl, then she would want to possess someone else, I asked her the reason and she said: She liked attention and perhaps that’s why she was so talkative.

since these faiths do not worship Satan as the Jinn professed. However, sometimes by Allah’s Mercy, we get to experience something further which affirms our faith and satisfies our hearts, and we thank Allah azzawjal for allowing us such an opportunity.