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Many early columnists used HBO's "Sex in the City" as a template, and as the franchise faded from screens, sex columnists did too.

Recently, college sexual assault and rape have become hot-button topics, and some undergraduates say that they are reluctant to take a seemingly frivolous approach to a sensitive topic.

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As a women’s college, Scripps is acutely aware of the issue of sexual misconduct and sexual violence at colleges and universities.

The College is committed to providing effective education, support, and investigative policies and procedures to Scripps students and other community members in order to respond to and remedy instances of sexual misconduct or other harassing behavior.

Claremont Colleges student newspaper staff, from left, Caroline Bowman, Rachel Lang and Julia Thomas, laugh while writing a headline for the sex column.

One reason the column has flourished for so long is because it's anonymous.

FMI, please contact Scripps Title IX Coordinator, Sally Steffen, via email or at (909) 607-7142.