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‘They need to just be kids for the period they have.’ So clearly she is conflicted about her upbringing.

Her parents were a total mismatch: she – working-class with ambitions; he – snobby-middle with inhibitions.

"I'm not a really fancy girl, I like something really simple," she said at the time.

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There was no way I was going to have sex just for the pleasure of it.’ In fact she only really relaxed about it after becoming a mother.

Early on, she gravitated to other child stars, and ‘dated’ Michael Jackson (his term – it surprised her when he used it to Oprah) in her teens.

The plot concerns forest animals outwitting property developers, and during it Brooke (who plays Tammy Sanders, opposite Brendan Fraser as her developer husband Dan) suffers many pratfalls and indignities. When I fell off the bed – [my daughters and their friends] thought that was very funny.

When I got hit in the face with the meat – they liked that scene, too. ” I was like, “Yes, you can, actually – I can arrange that.”’ So she is a mum, but a mum with added cachet? [Brooke is married to the comedy scriptwriter Chris Henchy.] It was so cute.

"This sums up the #emmys2014 for me," she wrote of the gleeful snap.