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Once again the issue of sexting hits the headlines…

You don't need a phone, an IPod will work just fine. The message content will “disappear” after a few seconds, which leads some teen users to believe that sending sexts may be more secure than it really is.

Sadly, all it takes is one screen shot prior to the image disappearing, and the photo is out there for the whole world to see. Talk through specific sexting dilemmas/scenarios with your teen. This provides a non-confrontational way to educate your teen on how to conduct him or herself online.

Many teens still don't use privacy settings, so you can easily access information about them.

If you're not keeping tabs on your teen through randomly searching for him or her - college admission reps and potential employers are! I love the idea of setting up a contract with your teen; he or she will see them many times in their future, so why not introduce them early?

In this gentleman’s state, minors who are caught texting sexual images are charged under the childpornography laws. That is a fair punishment if your teen's abusing technology, but that saying "where there's a will there's a way" still applies to teens today.