Fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete

This thesis aims to study the fresh and hardened properties of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) produced with metakaolin.

fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete-85

Varying the mixture design showed, using a lower C/F ratio of 0.

7, increasing the coarse aggregate size to 20 mm, increasing the total binder content to 500 kg/m³, and using air entrainment up to 7%, all helped to improve the flowability, viscosity, and passing ability of SCC.

Using the same tests as the first stage, the second stage varied the coarse-to-fine aggregate (C/F) ratio, coarse aggregate size, binder amount, and air content to optimize SCC containing metakaolin.

The third stage of the program was to study the effect of metakaolin and mixture design on the shear capacity and cracking behaviour on full-scale sec beams.

The results indicated that 20% metakaolin replacement gave the optimal flowability, passing ability, segregation resistance, 28- and 90- compressive strengths, Flexural Strength (FS), Splitting Tensile Strength (STS) and Modulus of Elasticity (ME).