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Tatler is a magazine about most remarkable personalities.

Fashion, beauty and culture news are reported through the perspective of personal choices, of movie and stage celebrities, TV hosts, public activists, representatives of noble European families and high-profile self-made millionaires, young and hungry for life and pleasure.

The university, in future, will continue to enhance the quality of research, introduce subjects having global significance and adopt the state of the art technology and fruitful academic collaboration.

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Rajshahi University is the first public university to have acted as a powerful performer in the economic and cultural life of the southwestern region of Bangladesh.

This university is free from all political unrest until now.

Use modern weapons and units, fight in troubled areas of the world and defeat powerful enemy bosses! Together with friends, you are going to fight for the liberation of your country.

Great graphics and exciting sound effects create the atmosphere of real war.

Tatler releases annual special editions, including Best Schools, Tatler Beauty and Tatler Home.