Sarah harding on dating in the dark

I was in high school, 100 bucks was so much money back then.

Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding turns matchmaker in her new role as presenter of Dating In The Dark, where eight single guys and girls grope for love in a darkened room… They’d banter, but underneath it all you’d know there was a battle of the egos going on, definitely. Do you think the girls are a little more realistic in their expectations? No offence, lads — girls, in general are a little bit more in touch with their emotions and intuition, and I think Dating In The Dark shows guys can be a lot more shallow!

I'm not very confident in these situations.'He had, however, revealed earlier in the diary room that he wasn't so keen to make a move on Amelia as he didn't want to have a showmance on Celebrity Big Brother or come across as 'disrespectful' to his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson.

Although, he did admit that Amelia makes his heart tingle and he is tempted to kiss her: 'It would be nice to have a bit of intimacy in the house, it would be great.

'Who doesn't smile at Amelia Lily and little Sammy T having a smooch?

That would be lovely.' Fans saw the house divided into two team's on Sunday night's episode, as they took part in a cheerleading task.

'I just feel terrible that I let my emotions get the better of me... You're single and I've only been dating for four weeks, but I don't want to hurt someone who is a good person - they don't deserve to be hurt.'Sarah added: 'I need to respect other people on the outside and take responsibility for my actions.'Taking in what Sarah had to say, Chad played down their kiss and claimed the duo had 'got carried away' with one another, although he did admit in the diary room that he wasn't happy about the blonde beauty taking a step back from him.