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A remake of the 1977 George Segal, Jane Fonda film of the same name, Fun With Dick and Jane is a comedy about a married couple who resorts to a life of crime to keep up their lifestyle after the loss of their high-paying jobs.

A not-so-ordinary family finds a new way of paying the bills in this comedy.

He harnessed the rambunctiousness of a pubescent boy and turned it into a paradigm of juvenile delinquency.

A wild child who talked out of his butt, with those bugged-out eyes, elastic face, flailing gangly limbs and that impossibly ductile frame, he did for gross slapstick what George Carlin did for dirty words.

A shame to be sure, because with talent like Jim's, he deserves a lot better.

For those who came of age and became cognizant of pop culture in the 1990s, Jim Carrey was likely a touchstone of adolescent entertainment.

It’s not, but it does exhibit more Carrey-isms than the previous drudge on his resume, especially the flailing, gangly limbs.