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Finder should be working as usual at this point, so you can trash the file that is sitting on the desktop if you haven’t done so yet.

So yes, it's worth downloading--if for no other reason than the excellent new Home Sharing feature.

Remember that dragging an application to the dock does not create a copy of it.

Some users who have updated to OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, 10.10.4, or 10.10.3 have discovered that Finder will misbehave wildly, sometimes becoming wildly slow and unresponsive, crashing, or using inordinately high CPU.

Given that Finder is a critical component of the Mac and nearly all OS X users rely on it for file system navigation, Finder trouble can be pretty frustrating, but fortunately the issues seen with Finder in OS X Yosemite are generally very easy to resolve.

You can typically troubleshoot both at the same time, though they require different measures to resolve.