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And if there is such a business, where can I get a job like that Well I wasn't thinking of an official, sanction space for napping.

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People who go to hotels are often looking to do stuff they cannot do at home, and you wouldn't believe how ballsy some people are.

For some people, getting a hooker is just part of the business trip routine.

For example, we didn't routinely rent to local customers unless they had some really good excuse. In Chinese hotels it's not uncommon for hookers to call your room at odd hours.

Some Cameroonian hotels would have them sitting on plastic chairs all lined up in the lobby!

At a place I used to work at, it was common for people pulling doubles to take a short nap between the two shifts, and there was this particular spot the naps usually took place. I didn't just want to plop down on a hotel couch in public, risking potential embarrasment for both myself and the hotel staff.