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The logic against leaving file management entirely to auto-grow is that auto-grow of small amounts leads to file fragmentation, and that auto-grow can be a time-consuming process that stalls the application workload at unpredictable times.

The auto-grow size should be set to a specific value, rather than a percentage, to bound the time and space needed to perform the auto-grow, if it occurs.

Once set up, the file sizes should be monitored at various times and proactively grown manually at an appropriate time of day.

Auto-grow should be left on as a just-in-case protection so the files can still grow if they need to if some abnormal event occurs.

It's a little more complicated for log files, unfortunately, and you need to consider factors like transaction size (long-running transactions cannot be cleared from the log until they complete) and log backup frequency (since this is what removes the inactive portion of the log).