Purpose of dating bible

He overcame these natural impulses and lived a perfect life of obedience.He is the only man to have ever lived who ‘did no sin’ (1 Peter ).

If we truly want to understand who Jesus is we must turn to the pages of the Bible and examine it’s teaching in detail so we can be sure of the truth on the matter of what Jesus is all about.

From right at the beginning, in the book of Genesis, we read of a descendant who would come and reverse the effects of Adams sin.

He fulfilled God’s will perfectly so that he was “ John 14:9. Well it was God’s way of opening up a way of salvation and reversing the effects of Adams fall.

We read he died a sacrificial, painful death in utter submission to the will of the Father. Only one who possessed the inclination to sin and yet overcome it’s temptations completely could be a perfect sacrifice to take away sin. We read in the Bible that death is the wages for sin (Romans ) and so therefore God raised Jesus from the dead because he had no personal transgressions.

As a reward for following the example of the Messiah the Bible teaches that we too can be given eternal life to rule in this Kingdom.