Dating with cat allergies

I have looked into trying online dating, but I am not sure how to handle that with pet allergies.

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(1) Alice, I am very much in love with my girlfriend. ) says that there are pills that one can take for allergies to pets.

She would like to come live with me next summer (between semesters), but I have a cat and she is allergic. I've searched and can't find anything other than OTC antihistamines and snake oil.

I am currently and have been taking allergy desensitization shots for almost five years now. Given the length of time I've been doing the shots, he said I have already reaped whatever benefit is to be gained (not much, at least in regards to pets) and I shouldn't expect further improvement related to the shots. Not sure if you're in a more rural area, but living in a urban area I find most people don't have pets as most apartments forbid them or charge extra for them. Seriously, if you have severe allergies, you don't have any choice but to limit your dating to people who don't have pets/don't have pets that are ever indoors/are also allergic.

Being in my early thirties, nearly everyone who is single has either a cat or a dog. If I'm doing online dating, so I skip messaging them entirely? It just seems like the vast majority of the dating pool would be excluded in that case. My brother has a cat allergy and is married to a cat lover.

However, Friend of Cat, if you are only living together for the summer, this might take a longer time to work than you have together.