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The children learnt to read without being taught, and she is proud of how confident they are.“My eldest will chat about gaming, physics, gravity or particles with other parents,” she says.Martin also says that the demographic of those families is changing.

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“Despite knowing everything we do is legal, we know people who are hounded by their local education authority when they find out they don’t do lessons like in school,” says Alison (not her real name), 38, mother to three children under 10.

Her RU blog may have seen hits double in a year, but she will only speak anonymously.

Kim was running a yoga business from home and so was available all day, but there would be no more formal lessons – the children would simply follow where their interests led.

She concedes that what her kids do all day won’t look like learning, if the word conjures up a classroom.

But ever-tightening legislation around education is making home educators nervous.