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It still had the lowest Index level among the regions but all indicators point to the fact that the outlook for the sector is more hopeful.

Asia and the Pacific were the two areas that were not able to join the party in 2013. Although overall visitor numbers to Australia, the region’s main market, were up 5% for the year, the slump in the Australian mining industry impacted hotel occupancy levels in Western Australia in particular and the over-inflated prices seen there in recent years started to fall, in some cases quite considerably.

More than 150,000 properties around the world make up the sample set of hotels from which prices are taken. Dollar and percentage figures to the nearest percentage point.

The first section (Chapter 1) shows the global Hotel Price Index for 2013, with comparative data back to 2004. Chapter 8 highlights key travel trends that will influence travel decisions in 2014.

According to UNWTO (the United Nations World Tourism Organization), international tourist arrivals in 2013 grew by 5% to a record 1,087 million.