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This makes them easy extortion targets for criminals.Vykhod spokeswoman Nika Yuryeva said most of the recent attacks have followed the same pattern as the one seen by the St. Alexander Loza, a legal adviser at Positive Dialogue, an organization that provides consulting services for gays, particularly those living with the HIV virus, has heard similar stories.It feels silly to refer to ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend when our combined age is 143. I'd always figured that at this point my husband Ben and I would be looking forward to our 45th wedding anniversary.

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LGBT activists believe the real number is far higher and say the attacks have increased in the past two years.

Since homosexuality finds little acceptance in Russian society, many gays keep their sexual orientation hidden from their families, friends and co-workers.

I'm not sure why, but somehow I had the idea that Ken might be gay. Share your story So instead of a gay friend, I ended up with the love of my later life. During the decades I was married to Ben, Ken was a divorced man-about-town.

I never saw him with a date, but then again we rarely saw each other in dating situations. I'll bet he likes chamber music." I grabbed his note off the bulletin board and gave him a call. He dated many women and had been serious about a couple of them.

That morning I learned that forever is not the same as till death do us part.