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A 19-year-old who can last 10 minutes is ahead of the game. I have a clear liguid that comes out before I ejaculate. That's bulbourethral fluid, produced by the Cowper's (or bulbourethral) gland. I'm 11 and I'm going through puberty and today I read your whole site and it's good. You don't have to have an erection to masturbate, but I think you'll be better off in the long run if you hold off on masturbating until you can do it with a real erection.

Many guys call it "pre-cum." Its purpose is to neutralize any traces of urine that might still be in the urethra before ejaculation. Most guys start producing semen when they're about your age. If you're already in puberty, it will probably be only a matter of weeks or months. What is the most effective way of masturbating and have the most pleasure?

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If you're having wet dreams, then the only thing I can suggest is try to relax and concentrate on something that increases your arousal as you masturbate. And semen that comes out turns clear in less than a minute of being exposed to the air. Sometimes when i ejaculate there is a trace of a yellowish thick liquid mixed with my sperm. When prostate fluid gets old, it's not a medium that sperm can live in easily.

If you're not ejaculating at all, then I think you need medical help. I'm 13 and sometimes my semen is white and sometimes it is clear. So a guy who masturbates every few days keeps his semen fresh and healthy enough to fertilize a woman. (Your junior high library probably doesn't have it.) Hi, this weird thing just happened to me.

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And how long (shortest time) does it take for a normal healthy male 19 year old to go from zero excitation to orgasm? Most males have erections from infancy, but these are not the kind you're thinking of.

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