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He next conducted and arranged for Ed Sullivan's production company, arranging a new theme for The Late Show, while writing, producing, and singing his radio and television jingles.

At the same time, he and Jeanne Lucas performed as a duo for a two-season run at Julius Monk's Upstairs at the Downstairs club in New York.

Take That have since performed Manilow's original version in their Beautiful World Tour.) When Bell Records was taken over by Clive Davis, the former head of Columbia Records, he created Arista Records out of all the labels under the Columbia Pictures banner including Colgems, Colpix and Bell.

Many artists were dropped, but Davis was reassured about keeping Manilow after seeing him perform as the opening act at a Dionne Warwick concert at the Schaefer Music Festival in New York's Central Park on June 26, 1974.

His #1 hit "I Write the Songs" was composed by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.

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