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The fact is, the International Date Line is a relatively recent man-made invention.

The International Date Line is an attempt by man to solve a man-made problem: differing weekly cycles that inevitably occur when one uses a continuous weekly cycle that is not anchored to the heavenly bodies.

However, when one chooses to follow the Luni-Solar calendar, Yahuwah is the Arbiter of time, where the moon governs the monthly and weekly cycles for your specific location.

When Noah’s descendents emigrated from the Mountains of Ararat, some moved to the east and others to the west.

If a tribe of seventh-day Sabbath keeping Shemites moved to the East, following the rising sun, eventually, several years later, they would come to a point half way around the world.

Like the solar Gregorian calendar, the Luni-Solar Biblical calendar uses the sun to measure days and years.