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For children, a common use of control control is to block inappropriate content, such as web sites with sexual, violent or other adult-oriented content in schools or anywhere else that children might use the Internet.

That's the inappropriate content, but even age-appropriate content can be undesirable.

Facebook might be great for your teens, and CBeebies for your younger children, but not if they are supposed to be doing something else.

Feature 2 is included but requires an annual subscription to the external server, which keeps a real-time constantly updated database of web sites. Features supported varies with router model; please check on specification for confirmation of Web Content Filter capabilities.

In Keyword Matching you can specify a list of either banned (blacklist)) or permitted sites (whitelist).

There is also the potential to 'innocently' download software and install it on local PCs, unwittingly introducing spyware or trojans onto your network.

Features 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the above are included with the router.

The Dray Tek method is 'object' oriented, which means that you create lists of keywords or sites, can then group them and then apply them into specific user groups or time periods Using a , all sites would be accessible by your users except those that match the keywords you specify.