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Shoo the Flu is a program to prevent cases of the flu by bringing free vaccines to Oakland area elementary school students.

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But it wasn't to be a fairytale ending for the pair, with the long-haired hunk saying 'I don't know how to tell you this but I recently split up with someone and I'm trying to get her back'.

KLYOSOV, Anatole Alex, chemist, biochemist, researcher; born Kaliningrad region, Russia, Nov. S., 1990 (as a visiting Scientist and Professor - between 19); son of Alexey Ivan and Tamara Michael (Kuz) Klyosov; married Gail Michael Muratov, Dec. MS, Moscow State University, 1969; Ph D, 1972; DSc, 1977.

Ex On the Beach star Charlotte showed she was getting in the flirty mood by downing Prosecco from a bottle in a taxi en-route to the mixer.

She quickly got talking to pirate Pete doppelganger Jordan from Wolverhampton and gushed 'He is fit as f*** I just want to eat him' before passionately kissing him. But Lady Nadia Essex who match-makes the celebs on the E4 show was fuming, saying 'Charlotte has ignored everything we've said to her and if she carries on like this it's going to be impossible to find her a date.'Charlotte then asked Jordan to meet for a drink and checked out his body before asking him to flash his derriere .

2013" - "The Origin of Rurik Descendants: DNA Genealogy Provides with a Proof. 2013" - "A Fuss of Population Geneticists Around Genome. 2013" - "What Remains of People Who Died Long Ago Tell Us? 2013" - "Tilak's Fantasies on a Polar Homeland of the Aryans. 2013" - "How to Determine Your Haplotype and Haplogroup. 2013" - "Noah and His Sons on the Balkans - Indeed? 2013" - "Entertaining DNA Genealogy" - Book Presentation. 2014" - "Who were the Etruscans: when the answer appears? 2014" - "Alans: approaching the mystery of their origin. 2014" - "What the genome of an ancient man from Kostenki has shown. 2014" - "A collision of population genetics and DNA genealogy (Part 2). 2015" - "DNA genealogy of descendants of Royal lineages of N1c1 haplogroup. 2015" - "Jews and Pashtuns of Afghanistan (the new book).