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A 'show' (verb, intransitive) is a live spectacle, (to be exhibited publicly) when performed in front of a webcam and broadcast in real time on the Internet.3.

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Club RELATE's members generally have three things in common: ONE-A tremendous attitude and desire to have fun.

TWO - To make new friends within our lifestyle that share our/your interests in Masturbation.

The response to our ad was so fantastic we decided to try to link everyone by way of RELATE, the newsletter and Club RELATE was born!

RELATE, the newsletter, covers masturbation in all its forms; watching, being watched, helping, photos, movies, books, stories, toys, talking, listening to others fantasies, parties and perhaps most important, contact with others through a specific form of communication...letters to RELATE!!! We publish monthly and have many corresponding members that contribute regularly.

The orientation session must be accomplished BEFORE attending any other Club RELATE party or social.

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